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Aimee Cotton Dress - Alamode By AkankshaAimee Cotton Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Aimee Cotton Dress

Rs. 2,299.00 Rs. 2,999.00
Darzi Statement Dress - Alamode By AkankshaDarzi Statement Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Darzi Statement Dress

Rs. 2,499.00 Rs. 2,749.00
Bella Summer Dress - Alamode By AkankshaBella Summer Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Bella Summer Dress

Rs. 2,449.00 Rs. 3,149.00
Botai Floral Maxi Dress - Alamode By AkankshaBotai Floral Maxi Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Botai Floral Maxi Dress

Rs. 2,299.00 Rs. 2,849.00
Glenda Lace Lined Bishop Sleeve Dress - Alamode By AkankshaGlenda Lace Lined Bishop Sleeve Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Glenda Lace Lined Bishop Sleeve Dress

Rs. 2,450.00 Rs. 2,750.00
Gresse Floral Dress - Alamode By AkankshaGresse Floral Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Gresse Floral Dress

Rs. 2,299.00 Rs. 2,499.00
Derek Holiday Dress - Alamode By AkankshaDerek Holiday Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Derek Holiday Dress

Rs. 2,399.00 Rs. 2,999.00
Agatha floral midi dress with slit in Pink - Alamode By AkankshaAgatha floral midi dress with slit in Pink - Alamode By Akanksha
Harold Mesh Detailed Dress - Alamode By AkankshaHarold Mesh Detailed Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Harold Mesh Detailed Dress

Rs. 2,299.00 Rs. 2,599.00
Gracy Luxury Dress - Alamode By AkankshaGracy Luxury Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Gracy Luxury Dress

Rs. 2,449.00 Rs. 2,649.00
Gina Floral Dress - Alamode By AkankshaGina Floral Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Gina Floral Dress

Rs. 2,099.00 Rs. 2,399.00
Daphny Vintage Dress - Alamode By AkankshaDaphny Vintage Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Daphny Vintage Dress

Rs. 2,350.00 Rs. 2,699.00
Havana Holiday Dress - Alamode By AkankshaHavana Holiday Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Havana Holiday Dress

Rs. 2,299.00 Rs. 2,999.00
Danny Floral Dress - Alamode By AkankshaDanny Floral Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Danny Floral Dress

Rs. 2,199.00 Rs. 2,999.00
Gloria Dress with Belt - Alamode By AkankshaGloria Dress with Belt - Alamode By Akanksha

Gloria Dress with Belt

Rs. 2,599.00 Rs. 2,799.00
Blush Pink Angeline Dress - Alamode By AkankshaBlush Pink Angeline Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Blush Pink Angeline Dress

Rs. 2,299.00 Rs. 3,099.00

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Welcome to our fashion haven, where every garment whispers tales of style, grace, and wanderlust. Immerse yourself in the exotic allure of Bali dresses for women, encapsulating the essence of tropical paradise and bohemian elegance. From flowing silhouettes adorned with intricate batik prints to lightweight fabrics that dance with every step, our collection celebrates the spirit of Bali. Embrace the island's vibrant culture and laid-back charm with our handpicked selection of Bali-inspired dresses, designed to evoke a sense of wanderlust and adventure in every wearer.

Discover various dresses for women to wear in Bali online at a la mode

  • These batik maxi dresses showcase the stunning artistry of traditional Indonesian batik, with vibrant patterns that reflect Bali's rich cultural heritage. They're perfect for exploring the island's beauty or simply relaxing on the beach with their flowing, lightweight fabrics.
  • Inspired by the classic Balinese sarong, these sarong wrap dresses offer a modern take on timeless elegance. Made from soft, breathable materials, they're versatile and can be styled in different ways for any occasion, from daytime adventures to evening outings.
  • Embodying Bali's free-spirited vibe, these embroidered boho dresses feature intricate embroidery and relaxed fits. With colorful details like tassels and crochet accents, they're perfect for soaking up the island's laid-back atmosphere, whether you're wandering through local markets or enjoying a sunset by the sea.

Stylish dress codes: What dresses to wear at Bali's top beach destinations

Seminyak Beach

Known for its trendy beach clubs and vibrant atmosphere, Seminyak Beach is perfect for wearing a stylish Batik Maxi Dress. The intricate patterns and flowing silhouette of the dress complement the upscale yet relaxed vibe of Seminyak.

Kuta Beach

With its bustling energy and renowned surf breaks, Kuta Beach calls for a casual yet chic Sarong Wrap Dress. The lightweight fabric and versatile styling options of the dress make it ideal for exploring the vibrant streets of Kuta or catching waves on the beach.


Famous for its lush rice terraces and spiritual vibe, Ubud is the perfect setting for wearing an Embroidered Boho Dress. The relaxed silhouette and colourful embroidery of the dress perfectly capture the bohemian essence of Ubud, whether you're exploring temples or browsing the artisan markets.


Perched on dramatic cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean, Uluwatu is a haven for surfers and beach lovers. A Sarong Wrap Dress is the ideal choice for exploring Uluwatu's breathtaking scenery, offering versatility and comfort for cliffside adventures or beachside relaxation.

Nusa Dua Beach

Known for its luxurious resorts and pristine white sands, Nusa Dua Beach calls for an elegant Batik Maxi Dress. The sophistication and traditional elegance of the dress perfectly complement the upscale atmosphere of Nusa Dua, whether you're lounging by the pool or enjoying a sunset cocktail on the beach.

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Discover a stunning collection of Bali dresses for women on a la mode today. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant patterns of Batik Maxi Dresses, the timeless elegance of Sarong Wrap Dresses, or the bohemian charm of Embroidered Boho Dresses, we have something for every style. Explore our curated selection and find the perfect dress to elevate your wardrobe. Don't miss out – shop now and embrace the allure of Bali fashion with a la mode!

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