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Tropical Vintage Dress with BeltTropical Vintage Dress with Belt

Tropical Vintage Dress with Belt

Rs. 2,899.00 Rs. 3,450.00
Pisa Luxe Summer DressPisa Luxe Summer Dress

Pisa Luxe Summer Dress

Rs. 3,299.00 Rs. 4,199.00
Ravenna Luxe Summer Bardot DressRavenna Luxe Summer Bardot Dress

Ravenna Luxe Summer Bardot Dress

Rs. 3,999.00 Rs. 4,999.00
Lizba Vintage Statement Maxi DressLizba Vintage Statement Maxi Dress

Lizba Vintage Statement Maxi Dress

Rs. 2,950.00 Rs. 3,699.00
Terry Pleated Luxe Summer DressTerry Pleated Luxe Summer Dress

Terry Pleated Luxe Summer Dress

Rs. 2,450.00 Rs. 2,699.00
Cetara Luxe Summer DressCetara Luxe Summer Dress

Cetara Luxe Summer Dress

Rs. 3,699.00 Rs. 4,199.00
Luna Summer Cotton Eyelet DressLuna Summer Cotton Eyelet Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Luna Summer Cotton Eyelet Dress

Rs. 2,350.00 Rs. 2,799.00
Jimmy Cotton Eyelet Midi DressJimmy Cotton Eyelet Midi Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Jimmy Cotton Eyelet Midi Dress

Rs. 2,350.00 Rs. 2,999.00
Parota Statement Dress - Alamode By AkankshaParota Statement Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Parota Statement Dress

Rs. 2,450.00 Rs. 2,699.00
Capri Luxe Summer Dress in BlueCapri Luxe Summer Dress in Blue

Capri Luxe Summer Dress in Blue

Rs. 3,499.00 Rs. 4,299.00
Misa Striped Statement Dress In Blue - Alamode By AkankshaMisa Striped Statement Dress In Blue - Alamode By Akanksha

Misa Striped Statement Dress In Blue

Rs. 2,499.00 Rs. 2,650.00
Scole Statement Dress - Alamode By AkankshaScole Statement Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Scole Statement Dress

Rs. 2,699.00 Rs. 2,949.00
Ravello Luxe Summer Dress in YellowRavello Luxe Summer Dress in Yellow

Ravello Luxe Summer Dress in Yellow

Rs. 3,599.00 Rs. 4,299.00
Ginny Cotton Dress - Alamode By AkankshaGinny Cotton Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Ginny Cotton Dress

Rs. 2,499.00 Rs. 2,999.00
Marigold Vintage Dress - Alamode By AkankshaMarigold Vintage Dress - Alamode By Akanksha

Marigold Vintage Dress

Rs. 2,699.00 Rs. 2,949.00
Positano Luxe Summer DressPositano Luxe Summer Dress

Positano Luxe Summer Dress

Rs. 3,999.00 Rs. 4,999.00

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a la mode’s casual dresses with flair

Whether you are looking for something to wear to brunch with friends or a date night, you will find it all here. Listed below are the options that we offer in our range of casual dresses for ladies. 

  1. Women's Embroidered Dresses - These ladies' casual dresses feature intricate embroidery details, adding a touch of grace to your look. They come in a variety of styles, from women's maxi dresses to skater dresses, ensuring you find something to suit your style.
  2. Women's Halter Neck Dresses - These timeless options give you a delicate look with an elegant cut and style. They can be paired with sexy heels and statement jewelry or with sandals and a stunning denim jacket, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.
  3. Women's Tiered Dresses - These Western casual dresses are a playful and feminine option. The layers of fabric create a flowy and romantic silhouette. They come in a range of colors, from pastel shades to dark hues; you will find them all here.

Types of fabrics used to design casual dresses for women

The right fabric can make all the difference in creating comfortable and stylish casual smart dresses. This is why we offer a wide range of material options. Listed below are a few of the many choices. 

  1. Women's Eyelet Dresses - Eyelet fabric is a classic choice for designer casual dresses. This fabric has small perforations that allow for breathability, making it a comfortable option. These dresses are perfect for hot weather and come in a range of styles.
  2. Women's Knitted Dresses - This cozy and comfortable option is perfect for the winter. Designer casual dresses made of knitted material are a versatile addition to your wardrobe. With the right accessories and footwear, they can go from elegant to sporty just like that.
  3. Women's Lace Dresses - Lace adds a touch of elegance to any dress. Such casual-wear dresses are perfect for a special occasion or a night out. They come in various patterns and shades, from delicate and feminine to bold and edgy.

Our collection of casual dresses with statement sleeves

Casual dresses do not mean plain sleeves. You can experiment with different types to make your outfit stand out. Here are some cool new sleeve designs we offer for our trendy casual dresses. 

  1. Women's Puff-Sleeve Dresses - Puff sleeves add a playful and feminine touch to beautiful casual dresses. They come in a range of sizes, from subtle to exaggerated, and can be made from a variety of fabrics to create different looks.
  2. Women's Cuff-Sleeve Dresses - These timeless options give you a sophisticated look. They can be rolled up or down, depending on the occasion, and come in a range of lengths and styles to suit any taste.
  3. Women's Bishop Sleeve Dresses - Bishop sleeves are a dramatic and statement-making option for elegant casual dresses. They give a full and voluminous look that adds grace to any dress. They can be made from sheer or opaque fabrics and come in a range of styles.

Buy casual dresses online at a la mode

Shopping for fashionable casual dresses for women online is now extremely convenient. Our website offers a user-friendly interface that makes browsing and selecting options easy. You can find your perfect style with just a few clicks. In addition, our detailed product descriptions and high-quality images help you decide what to buy. With fast and reliable shipping, shopping for everyday dresses online has become easier than ever.

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