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A Guide to Styling Dresses for Pear Shaped Body Types

When it comes to body shapes, diversity is the way of life. Everybody is unique and beautiful in their own way. Thus, learning to embrace and highlight your natural features is a wonderful way to hone your confidence. Among so many, one celebrated type is the pear shaped body.

Characterized by a smaller upper body and curvier hips, this silhouette allows you to experiment with various aesthetics. In this article, we will explore some tips for styling dresses for pear shaped bodies and provide valuable tips on flattering and enhancing this lovely shape.

How to highlight your features in dresses for a pear-shaped body

Owing to the bottom-heaviness of a pear-shaped body, the rule of thumb is to bring focus back to the torso. This formula works every time, as it allows the eyes to move away from the widest portion of the body and brings it upwards, balancing out your proportions. Allow us to elaborate on how to find the right dresses for pear-shaped bodies with some noteworthy examples listed below:

  1. Wear the right neckline: When it comes to dresses for pear-shaped bodies, the way they sit on your frame can change how your proportions appear.
    For example, a deep V-cut will draw attention to the waist, emphasizing the curves while keeping the eye centered. On the other hand, pear-shaped body outfits with a high neck style bring the focus to your torso, taking the eye away from the lower body and instantly creating balance.

  2. Widen narrow shoulders: Emphasizing the somewhat leaner parts of the body helps create a balanced silhouette when it comes to dresses for pear-shaped bodies.
    Thus, opting for puff-sleeved dressesstatement dresses or outfits with sharp shoulders can instantly draw attention to the torso and make it appear as if you have an hourglass figure.

  3. Wear fitted clothes to accentuate your frame: A slim waist is a characteristic you should highlight when shopping for dresses for pear-shaped bodies. Wearing styles that hug the midsection and emphasize the shoulders can balance the body shape, bringing the eye to its smallest part. 

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  4. Choose dresses with the right length: Apart from the neckline, the length of the clothes for pear-shaped bodies can also make or break a look. Opting for ones that graze the waist is ideal. Avoid boxy fits that take attention away from your waist.
    Similarly, opting for A-line dresses for pear-shaped bodies brings attention to the waist, de-emphasising the width of the hips.

  5. Choosing colors and fit wisely: When it comes to the lower half of the body, choosing dresses for pear-shaped bodies that de-emphasise the width of the hips is perfect.

  6. Wear bold earrings and statement necklaces: Choose statement earrings that draw attention towards your upper body, such as chandelier or drop earrings. These will help balance out the width of your hips and highlight your face, as will chunky or layered necklaces that add visual interest to the upper part of your body.

  7. Prints, patterns, and embellishments: Look for tops with bold prints or Experiment with different types of patterns like polka dots, florals, or animal prints. Seek out tops with interesting details such as sequin tops, embroidered tops, ruffled tops, embellished tops or lace tops that accents around the neckline or shoulders. These embellishments draw attention to your upper body.

  8. Stick to dark-coloured styles: In order to create a slimming and flattering effect go for dark colored bottoms.
  9. Get the right shape of pants: You can go for pants with a slight flare or bootcut to balance your pear-shaped body.

  10. Avoid embellishments, details, patterns, and pockets: Don't go for detailing on your thigh and hip area.

  11. Avoid skinny and tight-fitting bottoms: Tight fitting bottoms include jeans, leggings, and pencil skirts.

  12. Choose the correct shoes: Shoes with a pointed or elongated toe to create the illusion of longer legs and complement your pear-shaped body. 
Different dress styles for a pear-shaped body
  • A-line dresses are a flattering choice since they accentuate the waist and gracefully skim over the hips.

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  • Wrap dresses and Empire-waist dresses cinch at the waist and drape nicely over the hips, emphasizing a curvy body.
  • Off-shoulder dresses are a stylish choice, as they draw attention to the upper body while highlighting the shoulders and neckline.

  • Shift dresses are loose-fitting, straight-cut dresses that skim over the hips and emphasize the upper body.

  • Halter-neck dresses' necklines draw attention to the shoulders and bust, balancing out wider hips.
  • Maxi dresses with an empire waist cinch your waist just below the bust, creating an elongated silhouette.

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  • Asymmetrical hemline Dresses with uneven or hi-low hemlines can add visual interest to your outfit while drawing attention away from wider hips.
Different bottom styles for a pear shaped body
  • A-line skirts cinch at the waist and flare out, balancing the proportions of your hips.

  • Opt for wide-leg pants that create a straight line from the hip to the ankle, helping to minimize emphasis on the lower body.

  • Bootcut or flared jeans provide balance by adding volume below the knee, creating a more proportionate silhouette.

  • Pants or skirts with high waist help elongate your legs and define your waist while minimizing focus on wider hips.

  • Straight-legged or tailored pants create clean lines and offer a streamlined look while maintaining balance between upper and lower body proportions.

  • Pleated skirts add volume and movement to the lower half, balancing out wider hips.

  • Culottes, which are wide-legged cropped pants, provide a trendy and fashionable option while maintaining balance in your overall look.
Find dresses for pear shaped bodies at a la mode.

The pear-shaped body is a celebration of curves and femininity. By understanding and embracing the characteristics of this body shape, you can confidently dress in a way that flatters and accentuates your natural beauty. We hope you can use these tips as a starting point to explore and experiment with different styles, cuts, and designs featured at a la mode. Feel like the fabulous pear-shaped goddess that you are by shopping your heart out!

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